01 June 2018

Steve’Butch’Jones presents SOMETHING GLOBAL, for the Love of Electronic Music.

Season 9 Show 51 with Steve Parry
1. Samu.l – Restless Dreams (Shall Ocin Remix)
2. Alice Clarke – Chaser (Six AM Remix)
3. Dee Montero & Dimitri Nakov – Alba
4. Alice Rose & Malbetrieb – Creatures Of The Night (Steve Parry Remix)
5. Raw District – Taking You Down (Habischman Remix)
6. Never More – Forward Momentum
7. Japp Ligthart & Alice Rose – I Know Change (SHOW-B Remix)
8. Dave Seaman – Night Falls (Lee Van Dowski Remix)
9. Dee montero – Solace (BOg Remix)

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To submit a track email links to: tracks@SomethingGlobal.com (WAV format only). www.SomethingGlobal.com

All music included in the show is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks featured are available to download safely and legally. DON’T STEAL MUSIC.

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