28 July 2017

Steve’Butch’Jones presents SOMETHING GLOBAL, syndicated on radio stations around the world.

Season 9 Show 7 with Pseudo Pulse
1. Luis Armando – Darling Celexa
2. Jeremy Wang – Control
3. MTD – Deep Notes (Kessell Remix)
4. D-Unity – Okay (Paco Maroto Remix)
5. Nima Khak – Hydroelectrica
6. Francois X – Persistence Hunting
7. The Welderz – Sweep
8. Yotam Avni – Marva Version
9. Victor Calderone – Prophecy (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
10. Marcel Fengler – Shitau
11. Moby – Go (Loco Dice Remix)
12. DJ Rush & Aitor Ronda – Groove On
13. Steve Shaden – Acid Mind
14. MheTa Ton – Unison
15. Krenzlin – Different Things (Christian Bonori Remix)
16. Deadmau5 – Deus Ex Machina
17. Russ Yallop – Journey (Pseudo Pulse Remix)
18. Nature Soul Cybertronic – Illusions
19. Monstergetdown – Brainworms
20. Madam Marvelous – This Is The Space

Feel free to contact the show via facebook or twitter @SomethingGlobal. If you’re a producer/DJ and want to submit a track or mix for the show please submit links to: tracks@SomethingGlobal.com (WAV format preferred). www.SomethingGlobal.com

All music included in the show is purely intended to promote artists, to give you a taste of their style and encourage you to go out and buy their stuff. Most tracks featured are available to download safely and legally. DON’T STEAL MUSIC.

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